Singani is the undisputable national alcoholic beverage of Bolivia.

It is produced from a clear distillate of a 100% natural Muscat of Alexandria wine from grapes grown between 1,600 and 3,000 meters above sea level. It originated in the valleys near the silver mining city of Potosí. Today, Singani is produced in the high valleys of Tarija, Cinti, Potosí and La Paz. Its low yields in the field due to the altitude and other local conditions confer a complex and elegant concentration of wine aromas that when distilled produce a fabulous drink that our forebears named SINGANI. Singani can be drunk straight with or without ice, or long drinks and cocktails. It is the central ingredient in many traditional Bolivian cocktails such as Chufly, Poncho Negro and Yungueñito to name a few. The high altitude of the vineyards and the careful attention given during distillation gives Singani an elegance and complexity that makes Bolivians proud of their national drink.
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Tarija – Bolivia
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