Five-star hotel Los Parrales was the decor for the 3th Festival del Vino y el Jamón in Tarija. Despite heavy rains, the festival was very well attended. The bigger seven wineries of Wines of Bolivia (Kohlberg, Aranjuez, La Concepción, Kuhlmann, Campos de Solana, Casa Real y Casa Grande) showed not only their newest wines but also their most beautiful models.

Kohlberg presented the new white wine ‘Stelar’, a barrel aged Ugni Blanc and the Bicentinario which was launched last year. Campos presented the new Ester Ortiz Petit Verdot and Aranjuez showed the new vintage of the Tannat Origen. Kuhlmann showed the Copla wines which would be introduced soon. Concepcion, presented the new wines and new packaging which is a huge step up from the past few years. The new branding of Casa Grande is spectacular and both entry (Juan Diablo) and icon wine (tr3s) are a huge improvement.

Jamón producers sliced their jamón to accompany the wines and singanis and later at the evening three music bands entertained the attendants. The popularity of this event shows that this festival will definitely again be organized in 2018. Hopefully, all jamón producers will be present and spend as much effort in presenting their products as the wineries.