Tambo just finished its doors, few days ago, for the second consecutive time in Tarija. Next year it will be hosted in Sucre.

Speakers of the 6th symposium on October 6 and 7 came from all over the world: Peru, Argentina, Holland, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia! Although there was a main focus on gastronomy, Master of Wine Cees van Casteren spoke about Eno-tourism and Gastronomy-tourism.

Cees spoke about the motivations of visitors for wine tourism and based on research of Liz Thach MW. The results predictably show that it is different based on age, interest and even by nationality.

However, taken all together, there are 10 major reasons:

1. to taste wine,
2. to gain wine knowledge,
3. to experience the wine setting, (e.g. meet the winemaker; tour cellars & vineyards),
4. to be in a rural setting (beauty of vineyards; learn about farming, agri-tourism),
5. to match food and wine–culinary tourism,
6. to have fun (wine festivals and events),
7. to enjoy wine culture (romance and elegance),
8. to appreciate the architecture and art,
9. to learn about the “green” aspects and eco-tourism, and
10. to enjoy the health aspects of wine.

He also explained about the growing interest of wine tourism around wine regions in the world and applied benefits to the region of Tarija. Main message for the culinary sector in Tarija is to better promote themselves on social media and websites. Some of them are hard to find. One of Cees’ recommendations was also to have an independent food guide or culinary competition to better position the Tarija restaurants.