Cees van Casteren MW was last week present when Kohlberg was bottling a new line of icono wines which will be probably launched sometime in the second half of 2018. At the same time he tasted the new white fine wine in the Kohlberg portfolio: Stelar!. Stelar refers to the starred sky of Tarija as the grapes for this wine have been harvested at night. Due to an ingenious ink the color of the stars changes with the temperature of the bottle!

Stelar is a new kind of white wine in Tarija: an oaked aged Ugni Blanc made in a Burgundian style with great complexity and yet lots of freshness. Due to the oak ageing this wine is expected to age gracefully in bottle as well and Cees expects the oak to develop in a hazelnutty complexity in 1 to 2 years of bottle age.

The price is VERY reasonable at Bs55. The wine should be drunk with baked or grilled fish like pacu a la parilla for instance, risottos and pollo or pato.