In the past month, the Bolivian Lower House established the Productive Complex promotion as a government priority where High Altitude Bolivian Wines and Singani were declared cultural heritage and a strategic concern of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.
The Plural Economy, Production and Industry Commission president, Henry Cabrera, explained to the Bolivian assembly members of the Lower House the importance of this law project that involves incentives for production, research and tourism promotion as well as prevention of possible product forgery. The new law project was widely accepted and sent with modifications to the Upper House for its revision and subsequent approval.

Project Scope

The mentioned project also establishes the creation of a Multi-Purpose Centre of Viticulture Innovation (CEMIVIT for the Spanish acronym) in order to reach productivity and high quality standards for national and international markets.
Moreover, it regulates the Denominations of Origin and Geographical Indications along with the recovery and diffusion of historical, traditional and cultural aspects of the sector as well as the promotion of eno-tourism.
Furthermore, this law project sets up the last Friday of February as the “National Day of Grape, Singani, High Altitude Wines and Bolivian Wines” which will be celebrated since 2017.