In April 2017, Bodegas Kohlberg introduced a new wine called 200 commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the City of Tarija. At the introduction at the FEXPO TARIJA, the Mayor of Tarija thanked the Kohlberg family for their role and dedication to the City. Kohlberg is the biggest winery in Tarija and is an important employer. The Mayor said: “Tarija is Kohlberg, and Kohlberg is Tarija”.

The “200” is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (60%), Malbec (20%) and Syrah (20%). It has had aging in partly new barrels and enjoyed some aging on staves. The combination gives a very juicy wine with distinct mocca and cappuccino notes as well abundance of berry and cassis fruit.

It comes in a distinctive box with a commemorative dropstop. Kohlberg are working on a new generation of premium and icon wines and this wine is the first proof of that direction.

Cees van Casteren MW was enthusiastic about the wine, and not just about the contents of the bottle (he especially loved the precision and intensity, the cassis and blueberry aromas, the noticeable new oak which is in sync with the fruit and the silky touch with smooth tannins on the finish) but also about the premium packaging. A great gift to the City of Tarija!